Company history

In 1973, Ms. Walburga Kast founded the independent company W. Kast – Reinigung with a registered office at Badenerstrasse 820 in Zurich/ Schlieren.

In 1975, the company moved its headquarters to Hemishofen/SH, whereby all clients were being serviced and looked after daily from the new headquarters. As Mister Werner Kast then also joined the company, the company name was changed to W. & W. Kast Reinigung.

In 1976, the firma sought a larger depot, as it had to store and repair an increasing number of machinery, equipment and material. The building at Metzgasse in Stein on the Rhine was ideal both for living and working.

In 1982, the company bought land from the city at the Rhine in the industrial area at Kaltenbacherstrasse 44. The architecture firm Weber von Stein on the Rhine was tasked with planning and building a workshop building for the company.

In 1983, in October, the building was ready to be moved into and the oldest son, Markus Kast, joined the company, whereby the company name was also changed. The new name was now “Untersee-Reinigung”. The name was chosen, as around 80% of the clients were based at Untersee between Kreuzlingen and Diessenhofen.

In 1985, a workshop extension and an employee flat and rooms were being planned. Unfortunately, the city on the Rhine did not approve planning permission and an alternative had to be found.

In 1986, the building at Hauptstrasse 52, 8264 Eschenz was found and bought, and the architecture firm Charles Balsiger in Stein on the Rhine was tasked with converting the main building into residential dwellings with 3 apartments and an office with a shop.

In 1987, the building at Hauptstrasse 52, 8264 Eschenz was ready to be moved into in stages.

In 1988, the Gebäudereinigung Kast AG was founded. The company was therefore now an incorporated company. The founding members were Mister Werner Heinrich Kast, Ms. Walburga Kast-Kron, Ms. Muniba Kast-Burek, Mister Markus Kast and Werner Kast jun.

In 1990, Mister Werner Kast jun. left the Gebäudereinigung Kast AG and went into business for himself with the company Kast-Sauber GmbH. Markus Kast took on the company share of Werner Kast jun.

In 1994, Mister Werner Kast sen. Retired, but continues to advise the company to this day.

In 1996, Ms. Muniba Kast and Mister Markus Kast took on all of the company shares held by Werner and Walburga Kast.

In 1998, the branch in Kreuzlingen was opened.

In 1999, the branch un Zurich at Zurlindenstr. 6 was opened.

2001, the company website was launched.

In 2002, the Zurich branch moved their offices and depots to Schwendenweg 6, 8003 Zurich. The company also celebrated its 30-year anniversary.

In 2003, the website was extended. Mister Markus Kast, the president, celebrated his 20-year anniversary with the company. The Zurich branch celebrated its 5-year anniversary. Ms. Walburga Kast retired.

In 2004, the structure in all of German-speaking Switzerland was extended. The entire administration was centralised and was now being carried out from the Eschenz branch.

In 2005, different bases were able to significantly increase their turnover and were therefore made into branches. The following bases became branches: St. Gallen, Winterthur, Weinfelden, Schaffhausen.

In 2010, the company was re-organised and a number of structural changes were made, so that it was able to position itself optimally in an increasingly competitive market. Furthermore the first commercial apprentice was taken on. At the same time, the company headquarters are relocated to Winterthur for geographical reasons.

In 2011, the company’s image is being redesigned with a new logo and website.

In 2012, the new building in Stein on the Rhine at Kaltenabacherstrasse 44 was moved into as the new headquarters, and the branch in Eschenz was dissolved.

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