Company policy

Since the founding of the Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH, our company philosophy has been carried by ethical values, which are anchored into our company culture until today.
Reliability, honesty, quality and entrepreneurship – that is our company culture.

We do not measure success in numbers. The important thing is how we deal with the responsibility towards our employees, clients and partners.

Honesty is the foundation of the Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH and is one of the most important core values. Every employee is important to us. This value orientation is the basis for long-term and successful business relationships. It allows for open communication and co-operation between all employees and clients.

Actions are more important than words. Especially in regards to entrepreneurship, the Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH places great importance on the diligent and target-orientated processing of client matters. We also adhere to this leadership principle internally. We prove to our customers on a daily basis that we have their success at heart. We provide our staff with the freedom to make independent decisions in the interest of our clients.

Taking on responsibility is another core value for the Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH. Wherever possible, responsibility is delegated down to the employees. They are aware of the client’s expectations and requirements.
The employees are being involved in company processes. At the end of the day, loyalty and initiative have a significant impact on optimum assistance and service provision.
The Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH also takes on responsibility from a social and environmental point of view. These aspects are very important in terms of business management.

Continuous improvement is the key to sustainable development. Detailed training and further education can lead to professional quality. The Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH always delivers its promises to its clients.