Hotel cleaning

small_Radisson-Blue-MailandHotel cleaning

Hygiene and cleanliness are direct success factors for all hotel companies and will have a direct effect on customer satisfaction. The Gebäude- und Unterhaltsreinigung Win GmbH offer a broad range of services in this area, be it cleaning front and back office areas, or kitchens, or housekeeping and the cleaning of rooms.

Front / back office areas
The cleaning of front/ back office areas includes the continuous cleaning of the hotel in regards to the agreed services and in agreed cleaning intervals. This includes the general cleaning of floors and surfaces, the emptying of bins, the cleaning of sanitary areas etc.

Cleaning of kitchens and large kitchens
The cleaning of kitchens and large kitchens is subject to many requirements. Impeccable hygiene is a must. We will define the utilised cleaning and disinfectant products as well as their application by means of a cleaning and disinfection plan compiled by us. We will always ensure the same quality by carrying out continuous checks and by documenting the cleaning processes.

Housekeeping and the cleaning of rooms
According to your quality requirements in regards to housekeeping and the cleaning of rooms, we will plan and carry out the cleaning of rooms and floors in your establishment in a flexible manner. Here, regular quality checks shall ensure a consistent level of quality.

Sanitary products
We will supply you with sanitary products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap and hygienic bags according to your requirements. You will also be able to leave the timely refill of dispensers to us.

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